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China Shipbuilding Association: domestic marine steel has exceeded 95%

Industry news
2018/09/28 08:53

According to Tan Naifen, deputy director of the Information and Statistics Department of the China National Shipbuilding Industry Association, the localization rate of China's marine steel has exceeded 95%.

In 2013, only a small number of steel products in China need to be imported. The imported steel products are mainly F-grade high-strength steels that meet the low temperature requirements of -60 °C, and the yield strength reaches 620 MPa and 690 MPa. Steel and some special steel. Marine equipment has high requirements on mechanical properties of steel. Tensile strength, low temperature toughness, weldability, Z-direction performance, corrosion fatigue characteristics, corrosion resistance, hot and cold processing performance, etc. have special requirements compared with conventional ships. import.

According to Tan Naifen, the types of imported marine steel products include Yinwa Steel and duplex stainless steel, which are mainly used in liquefied natural gas (LNG) vessels, chemical tankers, and super large container ships. Imported offshore steel mainly involves TMCP steel, cantilever beam structure applied to ultra high strength steel EQ56 and steel for rack and string pipe.

It is understood that most of the domestic steel mills of TMCP technology have been mastered, but some steel mills are not stable enough due to the accuracy of temperature control technology; currently Baosteel (600019.SH) and Shagang (002075.SZ) have been able to produce The ultra-high-strength steel EQ56 is applied to the cantilever beam structure, but the quality stability needs to be improved.