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Company profile

Xinao Marine Hardware is a strong vibrant professional OEM manufacturer and exporter specialising in all types of Marine Hardware, Castings, Construction Hardware and Stainless Steel Fittings.


In 2002 the Xinao Marine was started in Dongying, nearly the Qingdao port,China. With only 10employees at our inception, we have now grown into a very busy company with diversified products and over 100 employees.

Over ten years , Xinao Marine accum expert knowledge, superb engineering and fabrication skills and has given the well-deserved reputation of being one of the finest in marine hardware.

Products and Quality

The major portion of our manufacturing is devoted to the marine hardware, investment casting, construction hardware.We supply in many surface finish requirements involved mirror polishing, heat treatment, machining,handcraft polishing, electro polished, galvanised plated, powder-coated.

Xinao Marine quality control inspections are performed at each key stage in the manufacturing process.Including Tension Test,Salt Spray Test,etc.The latest technology and design techniques. Our qualified staff will assist in selecting and designing the most appropriate products for your particular needs.

Xinao Marine is certified to ISO 9001 in its manufacturing and quality control procedures. Our manufacturing processes are continually upgraded to provide highest quality and efficiency in the production of our products.

Our Staff and Team--The Most Valuable Resource

We believe that the most valuable resource we have is our people. Many of our dedicated employees have been with us since our early days and our employees have been carefully selected thus developing the kind of immeasurable experience that only comes from years of "hands-on" experience. The strong and stable relationship we enjoy with our workforce is Xinao Marine Company's true strength.

Technology and Equipments

The manufacture of hardware factory tooling is a precise process that is critical to the quality and dimensional accuracy of the final castings ,therefore to achieve consistent and dimensionally accurate castings.At the same,the technical level of the staff affect has an major influence on the end products involved the quality or surface finished.

Our workshop is equipped with large high speed CNC precision machines, well designed equipment ,Wire-cutting, injection machine linked to state-of-the-art CAD/CAMs.

Our highly trained production staff has technologies,even go abroad on investigation.Putting the theory into practice ,they make us a formidable team of product specialists.


It is our commitment to your business to provide the highest quality products and that we support our customers with great service, including personal telephone ordering, efficient shipping and custom orders of all sizes.

We are looking to increase our customer base by our proven policy of excellent quality, service, pricing and maintaining our delivery promises. You can be assured any item supplied by our company go through a vigorous inspection procedure to ISO9001: 2000 approved standard.

Fully aware of the ever increasing demands placed on today's marine manufacturers worldwide, Xinao Marine are fully committed to quality and service, continuously striving to help customers stay ahead in this highly competitive market.

We have now established long-term business relationships with clients, many of them are distributors and end-users in such markets as Europe, North America,Australia,East Asia etc.

Each of our clients has different requirements so we offer solutions tailored to their individual needs. The core concept of our service though is to develop with you a minimal risk trading.

Xinao Marine Hardware

Xinao Marine Hardware